“Live through your INSPIRATION, your INSTINCT, and INTUITION; for these three ‘I’s’ are the path towards embracing your true being.”  - Richard Mawby

Welcome to Richard's page where all his current ventures and interests will be featured. Richard lives through his inspiration and through this, he aims to achieve a life of eventual self-sustainability and maintain a being of complete content in both mind body and soul.

Join him in a relaxed and enjoyable walk through nature as he instructs you upon wild foods you can feast upon (Forage Frolics), simply sit back, relax and let your eyes wander through some of Richard's inspirational poetry and writings, and follow his endeavours towards living off the land and amidst a wild environment as nature intended.


Forage Frolics

Learn, Love, & Live the wild; Enjoy nature as you wander through its midst while guided through a number of edible plants to incorporate into your diet.

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The Goat Life : Raw goat milk & more

Follow Richard's endeavours towards self-sustainability in a natural environment as he ventures into RAW goat milk as a form of sustenance while foraging and hunting where possible.

His goats are free range amongst plenty of abundant wild forage giving the milk he collects that special vibrant touch that makes it a potent elixir for life in all its high-butterfat goodness.

Unfortunately due to legislation, Richard is unable to sell surplus raw goat milk suitable for human consumption, therefore it is sold for animal consumption only, however he holds no liability or responsibility over how you use it after the sale. There is not an awful lot available so first come first serve on a reserve list basis.

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Poetry and Writing


And what you live is the path that you chose
And what you learn is what you choose to believe
And what you experience is what you choose to see
And what you become is who you choose to be…

And thus, heed my words of simple advice
That life is not bound by rope, or a vice
You are free to choose – so choose at will!
And become your dreams, your wishes, and thrills;

Simply believe; - Richard Mawby

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