“Live through your INSPIRATION, your INSTINCT, and INTUITION; for these three ‘I’s’ are the path towards embracing your true being.”  - Richard Mawby

Welcome to Richard's page where all his current ventures and interests will be featured. Richard lives through his inspiration and through this, he aims to achieve a life of eventual self-sustainability and maintain a being of complete content in both mind body and soul.

Join him in a relaxed and enjoyable walk through nature as he instructs you upon wild foods you can feast upon (Forage Frolics), simply sit back, relax and let your eyes wander through some of Richard's inspirational poetry and writings, and follow his endeavours towards a unique lifestyle of multiple extremes that include self-sufficiency, raw natural eating and professional VR gaming.


Reva G-wiz - SOLAR POWERED electric car project

I have decided to self-fund my project with great success. I opted for recycled, tested but good cells to ensure that my impact on the mining industry is minimal. The downside is that I can only fit 500 ah max capacity which will reduce my overall range to 150 miles max (estimated). The good news is that the price for these cells fully built into 27ah modules works out at the same price per 100 ah as buying new lead acid cells. This means that you can convert to lithium very cheap and for £2000 you can double your range and have a comfortable 65-70 miles for local travel. I am almost ready to range test and the last thing to do is to install a Type 2 adaptor for charging at any car charging point on the road. This will enable me a 108 amp fast charge and 35 miles per hour of charging. Finally I will build a sleeping pod trailer, whether it is re-purposing my solar tricycle pod or building one from new. The final plan is to save up for enough lightweight flexible solar power that will ensure that I can charge completely from the sun whilst on the road.

UPDATE: The blue DC model motor burnt out as it was not suitable for my tweaking (to attain an average speed of 50 mph) on long range journeys. It is a great car for short commutes however I now own the AC model which is not only capable of maintaining 55 mph using boost mode, but it is much more efficient than the DC motor and my tested range foot to the floor and using boost up the hills is a whopping 155 miles! Driving it a little more eco I reckon I can push this as high as 170 miles. It also has a higher average speed of 40-50 mph and can quite happily cruise on most roads at 45 - 50 mph. Sleeping pod trailer is finished and I am onto the last few jobs before I should hopefully embark upon a journey to the south coast this summer. I may also attempt a fun challenge to drive through Europe and up to Norway who is ahead in electric car infrastructure.

Please click here for my youtube channel and videos of progress.

REVA G-WIZ AT FULLY CHARGED LIVE 2019: What an amazing event. I am exhausted after three days of talking, walking and sharing the inspiration and passion for electric vehicles. Videos were taken on the Sunday when things were a little quieter, but it has been busy and packed with enthusiastic folk who either own, looking to own, or simply curious about the world of all things electric, renewable and sustainable.


A video showing the progress of my solar powered tricycle project. The aim is to be able to ride carrying a load for both short commuting and long range travel. The idea is to have a a simple, economical, sustainable and reliable source of 'green' transport that can be used for various tasks and not limited to the lightweight use commonly associated with a bicycle.

This journey was completed last Summer. I departed from home mid June 2018 and covered 500 miles down to the South coast into Hampshire and into Dorset until the journey home August 2018. Everything worked as planned with the exception to the chain and brakes not being suited to the weight that I was towing but with constant maintenance it was safe to ride. I proved that the concept works and I am up-scaling my self-sufficient project to the G-wiz above this post. Eventually I hope to power the G-wiz whilst travelling from its own large solar array that will fold up and be stored on top of a sleeping pod trailer that I will tow behind me.

Please click through to youtube for a full playlist of videos from the journey down to the south coast. Alternatively click the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crnqjz8t5QM&list=PLjal5hJ9ubTsRb2h2PdjFYdXE-cxykvjN

Forage Frolics

Learn, Love, & Live the wild; Enjoy nature as you wander through its midst while guided through a number of edible plants to incorporate into your diet.

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The Goat Life : Raw goat milk & more

Follow Richard's endeavours towards self-sustainability in a natural environment as he ventures into RAW goat milk as a form of sustenance while foraging and hunting where possible.

His goats are free range amongst plenty of abundant wild forage giving the milk he collects that special vibrant touch that makes it a potent elixir for life in all its high-butterfat goodness.

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Poetry and Writing


And what you live is the path that you chose
And what you learn is what you choose to believe
And what you experience is what you choose to see
And what you become is who you choose to be…

And thus, heed my words of simple advice
That life is not bound by rope, or a vice
You are free to choose – so choose at will!
And become your dreams, your wishes, and thrills;

Simply believe; - Richard Mawby

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Professional Virtual Reality Esport Gamer

ESL VR Challenger League: https://vr.eslgaming.com/echo-arena/

Third place EU Regionals Hamburg October 2017.


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