I release you from this stagnant keep
Of tired regrets and dormant sleep
I have tied you up for far too long
I have hidden you and I am wrong

This creative swell of potent magic
I turned it off in a fear so tragic
A tap sealed shut to hide from drama
Staunched the flow of my own prana

But now it leaks and it drips faster
Drops and sparks of intense disaster
Raw and wild, free and flowing
Controversial madness steers the rowing

Break the dam and set me free
I am dying, struggling to breathe
Killing me slowly, starved of perspective
Let the waves shatter society’s objective

To keep me dumb, to tame my passion
I refuse to abide by zombie fashion
No more fear of ridicule and fakeness
Headaches be gone in the place of greatness

Let the tides rise and spill over the maze
A clever illusion of imaginary haze
All paths become one, and one becomes all
As I walk upon water, unafraid of the fool;

by Richard Mawby 
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